Published March 29, 2011 by neon_ace

class and disclaimer tag and teacher evaluation.

homework: html/css build of homepage that includes:







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creative brief

Published March 29, 2011 by neon_ace

Summary: The site is intended to be an interactive media coverage site involving games to various kinds of interactive works. The goal is to provide fans and newcomers accessibility to reviews, news, and articles. The purpose is to provide a general knowledge and experience of artistic and theoretic process.

Audience profile: The target is mainly for everyone in all age and gender, but more specifically, the visitors fit the late teens to early adults with interests in studying design process for games. This helps contribute to student gamers seeking into the industry. To keep inform of the audience, they can participate by sending mails and commenting on post.

Perception/tone/guidelines: The audience is expected to respond with professionalism. All thought the site also offers entertainment, it helps for the audience to view it as academic and educational. The articles will be very little bias and more analytical writing. The visuals will be simple and subtle with no exaggerated effects.

Communication Strategy: The message convey to the audience is informing more creative and innovative ideas. The homepage will have a navigation for in depth reviews and articles based off researches.

Competitive positioning: Unlike other game coverage site, the majority of will be based on independent games. It will be less mainstream and advertisement. The site’s success will come from the content posted on the pages.

Targeted messages: Interact, communicate, design, educate


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